Source: ET Online

Fans of American boyband Backstreet Boys, rejoice! The 90s group will soon send Saudis down memory lane ... as the band is set to perform their first-ever concert in Saudi Arabia very soon. 

This Thursday, Jeddah Season festival will host the band, who's currently partaking in their DNA World Tour. The Backstreet Boys are set to perform new tracks from their 2019 released album DNA, alongside some old hits for a nostalgia-filled experience.

Jeddah Season revealed the exciting news on their official Instagram account, creating waves of cheers and excitement. 

Saudis on Twitter couldn't contain their enthusiasm after the announcement. For those not in the kingdom, worry not as an e-visa will be issued in three minutes if you purchase a ticket for the concert or any other event taking place in Jeddah Season festival.

"I can't believe it"

Fans are already singing

"I need two tickets and am willing to pay 1,000 riyals [$266] if needed"

"Can't contain my happiness"

"Can't wait for your concert"

Tickets already sold out?

We're going on a road trip to Jeddah!

Happy tears

"Can't wait and can't believe"

The summer festival XJed is proving to be a success

The seasonal festival - starting June 8 till July 18 - features a pretty epic concert line-up that is set to attract many visitors from inside and outside the kingdom. 

It kicked off with a concert that saw Emirati singer Ahlam perform a "special national song as a gift to" King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. It was followed by another sold-out concert held by popular Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu

People attending the festival's events will be enjoying dishes from award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants and pop-up eateries, including Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe's - aka Salt Bae - famous restaurant. 

In addition to that, the festival features more than 150 activities, tapping into various sectors including entertainment, culture, and sports. Art galleries and exhibitions will also be part of the festival's events, so will folklore dances and performances.