Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe - aka Salt Bae - just opened a pop-up branch of his famous steakhouse in Saudi Arabia as part of its Jeddah Season Festival. 

Locals, wether or not in attendance of the festival, were super excited to try the trendy eatery ... until they noticed the extravagant prices on its menu. 

An image of the latter went viral on Saudi Twitter this week, causing people to go into a deep and extremely expensive meltdown. 

The menu features a gold-crusted steak that costs 1,250 riyals ($333) and a sizzling tenderloin dish (for four people) priced at 1,560 riyals ($415). 

As for more common dishes, a regular burger costs $46 while a golden one would jump to $120. A salad with goat cheese and walnuts is for $17. 

Many thought the entire menu was overpriced, explaining the price of a single dish could pay for an entire trip outside the kingdom. Some even sarcastically pointed out how Gökçe's Saudi pop-up was more expensive than his outlets in other countries. 

Not everyone criticized the restaurant's prices, though. A few felt they were reasonable given Salt Bae's notoriety and fame. 

"This is a blatant exploitation of people who live in the Gulf"

People are not happy

Sarcastic comments were served

"I am inviting you to Chef Nusret's restaurant, you're welcome." 

"Excuse me, but how many nights of eating?"

"A stuffed sheep is cheaper than this piece of steak"

"Nusret's salad is 65 riyals ($17.33,) his spaghetti is 350 riyals ($93.33) and his burger costs 175 riyals ($46.66.) A lunch at his place can cost up to 2,000 riyals ($533.) That's enough to buy a ticket to Istanbul and stay there for 5 days. You can also have lunch at the most luxurious restaurant there and come back home." 

Not everyone was upset over these prices, though

"These prices are normal because it's Chef Nusret's restaurant. What do want the prices to be?"

Some had this point of view

"Everywhere in the world, there's the expensive and the cheap. In my opinion, he has a right to set these prices and you have the right not to eat at his restaurant. (Of course, this is for the people upset over the prices)." 

Jeddah's first-ever summer festival features numerous pop-up luxury restaurants

People attending the festival's events will be enjoying dishes from award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants and pop-up eateries available at Jeddah's Waterfront.

In addition to that, the festival features more than 150 activities, tapping into various sectors including entertainment, culture, and sports.

It's set to include "street music performances and parades, award-winning international visual arts displays with 3-D special effects lights shows inspired by Baroque art, spectacular flame mountain and laser shows, and a glow garden featuring customized art pieces depicting marine wildlife of the Red Sea."

Art galleries and exhibitions will also be part of the festival's events, so will folklore dances and performances. 

People wishing to experience Jeddah Season Festival will be granted an e-visa in under three minutes, under the condition they buy a ticket for one of the events taking place.