If you've been anywhere near Saudi Twitter in recent months, you'd know the kingdom is under a locust attack that shows no signs of ending anytime soon. 

Proof of that came in the form of, well, a huge locust that had gracefully landed on legendary Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu during his historic Saturday night concert in Al Qaseem. The star was in the middle of performing one of his songs when the locust was seen strolling along his forehead. 

A while later, the singer calmly swooshed it away as cameras rolled, capturing the now-viral moment that Saudis have turned into internet gold. 

Abdu was definitely not the only one affected by the attack

Instrumentalists and choir singers who were part of Abdu's band were also attacked by locusts throughout the concert. 

His "jarada," though, sent Saudis into a meltdown

It was just too real

The locust has its own hashtag

And yep ... a Twitter page

"The locust right now"

"الجراده حالياً #جراده_محمد_عبده" Source: Twitter/fnooo94

"Everyone welcomed him... even the locust"

Abdu's fans were jealous

"We're in 2019, Mohammed Abdu sang for a locust and hasn't yet performed for me." 

Everyone's now googling "how to become a locust"

Jokes aside, though