Source: Alrakia

It wasn't the smoothest weekend for Lebanese pop star Myriam Fares, as her statement at Morocco's Mawazine Festival on Saturday left people upset.

During a press conference at the festival, Fares was asked by a journalist about her sudden drop in concerts in Egypt over the years. She was a sort of resident in the North African country before the 2011 revolution took place, performing two to three concerts a week. 

"I will be honest with you; I've grown over the years and so did the pay and my demands, so it became a bit heavy on Egypt," the singer answered. 

In other words, her concerts now require more money and thus will sell at higher prices per ticket since she's a better-known artist than she was in 2011. 

Not knowing her honesty would get her in trouble, Egyptian fans, professionals in the music industry, and even local publications voiced their anger and disappointment on social media.

"Most Lebanese megastars like Elissa, Nawal [El Zoghby], Nancy [Ajram], Ragheb [Alama], and the great Majida El Roumi have performed in Egypt after the revolution. You and I both know they get paid more than you do. Don't attack Egypt; if it's not out of respect, do it out of wit," Egyptian songwriter Amir Teima tweeted

He wasn't the only professional to publicly announce his dismay, as many more felt the need to do the same. 

Musician Ramy Gamal, for example, brought up the past by reminding the Lebanese celebrity of an unsettled payment she owes him. 

And it went on with countless others. 

Event organizer Waleed Mansour had a point to make

"How many kilos exactly do you weigh? So we can decide how heavy you are. You used to get paid $20,000 for your concerts, which is about what we pay for a sound system in any gig for Amr Diab, Hamaki, Tamer Hosny, or Sherine."

Musician and singer Ahmed Shamy shared his two cents

"Myriam, I think you're not getting offers in Egypt, not the other way around."

"We should all laugh at what she said"

"When Nancy Ajram performs and appears in commercials, and Haifa Wehbe sings and acts in Egypt, it's funny for Myriam Fares to claim she's too expensive for Egypt, especially since her show [Fawazir Myriam] failed and there's no demand for her in the country."

Fares had stated her love for Egypt many times in the past

On different occasions in the past, the Lebanese singer portrayed Egypt as her second country.

She's been sending her love and support to all Egyptians for a long time, even admitting her huge success and career were launched there. 

She has since released a clarification

"I didn't exalt over all my colleagues nor over Egyptians. I'm the one who's been repeating in all my press conferences and interviews that I started my career in Lebanon but Egypt was the one to grant me my stardom," she explained. 

She further went on to explain how her Lebanese dialect was the main cause of confusion among Egyptians and other Arabs.