It's not common to see a woman drifting in Saudi Arabia, let alone get it caught on film. But the result of such a car stunt in the kingdom is prohibited, making it tough for anyone who gets caught.

On Tuesday, authorities in Saudi Arabia's Al Qatif governorate arrested a woman who was filmed using her car to drift in a public space, Okaz newspaper reportedFootage capturing the women in the act quickly made it to social media; many online users demanded she is held accountable.

Soon after, local police launched a search for her and were able to locate and identify her. The defendant will now be referred to the country's public prosecution and is set to face charges given that drifting is practically illegal in the kingdom. 

Locally known as "tafheet," the activity involves dangerous car stunts. Those who are found drifting on roads or in secluded desert areas face heavy fines and jail sentences.

First-time offenders can be fined up to 20,000 Saudi riyals ($5,333) and have their car confiscated for 15 days. For second and third time offenders, the fine goes up to 40,000 Saudi riyals ($10,666) and the person caught drifting can face jail time. 

Footage of the woman - who people are calling the first female drifter in the kingdom - drifting caused quite the stir on Saudi Twitter. Many attacked her and all other drifters for taking up a hobby that puts people's lives at risk. 

Others said that authorities should consider designating specific areas for similar car stunts because drifting is rising in popularity among the kingdom's youth. 

A few called on police to impose heavier penalties on those caught in the act, saying it isn't (and shouldn't be) considered a hobby or a sport. 

Some think drifting isn't such a bad thing

Not everyone is for it in populated spaces though

"It's a hobby but she was unfortunately practicing it in the wrong place." 

Many are relieved the woman was arrested

"That's better and we hope she gets the maximum punishments." 

Some feel she is being singled out

"So it came down to this poor woman. You all drifted the moment you started driving."