Lebanese people like to know everything about everyone. Call it nosiness or curiosity, their list of questions when they meet you is bound to be endless. 

Many of the conversations that happen revolve around college studies with one of the most popular small talk questions being "what's your major?"

No matter what your answer is to that, you'll almost always be expected to explain your area of study because of the misconceptions people have about certain majors. Maybe it's because your parents over-exaggerated your skills while socializing or because people want to show off their general knowledge at your expense, who knows? 

The only thing we're sure of here is the fact that the result of all this banter is often conversations that are utterly nonsensical and hilarious enough to make for memes that will make you LOL. Here are a few that circulated on Lebanese Twitter: 

When you tell them you're majoring in psychology

"What am I thinking of?"

When you tell them your major is computer science

"Do you know how to hack into Facebook?"

Computer-science majors are down on their luck here

When you're studying law

"Will you get me out if I end up in jail?"

When you tell them your major is cancer research

"I heard they found a cure for cancer, is that true?"

When you tell them you're studying neuroscience

"Why am I always angry?"

When they learn you're studying architecture

God help the biochemistry majors

"What does that mean? Are you a teacher?"

Majoring in nutrition opens you up for endless questions

"How much should I eat per day?"