Saudi authorities arrested a drifter who drove into a school gate in Riyadh earlier this week, Okaz reported

In their statement on the matter, the Traffic Authority said the drifter will now face detention and a 20,000 riyal fine ($5,332). 

News of the arrest comes after a video capturing the man breaking into the school's gate went viral on social media. 

In the footage, tens of students are seen running out of the broken gate after the incident.  

The video sparked outrage among users, who commented saying the break-in must have been planned out by the drifter and students, as the person filming the footage from inside the school campus seemed ready to take a video of the break-in.

Drifting, also known as "tafheet" in Saudi, is a dangerous car stunt that's practically illegal in the country. 

Those who are found drifting on roads or in secluded desert areas often face heavy fines and sometimes even jail sentences.

Saudi Traffic Authority: "The owner of the car who broke into a school while drifting has been arrested."

The now-viral video had sparked outrage on Twitter

Out of hundreds who reacted to the now-viral footage, many were concerned that the defendant was performing "drift" stunts outside a school.

However, the majority focused on the students who ran out of campus after the incident. 

Here's a little of what people had to say: 

Many thought the entire thing was planned out by students

"The student filming was just waiting for it to happen. It looks like most students knew about it too because a normal person would at least be shocked by a break-in. It's impossible that those who ran out as if they were prisoners didn't know about this."

Others raised this important question

"Put the drifter aside... didn't you ask yourselves why these students immediately rushed to escape their school?"

"Education is regressing, instead of running for safety inside their school, they ran out to a place that seems safer to them"

"Authorities must look into firing our Minister of Education because he failed to develop a better and more attractive school environment for students." 

Many are now calling for strict punishments to be imposed on the drifter

"Strict punishments must be imposed on these negligent human beings; suspending their driver's license for life might be a good place to start."