One of the seven patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus (nCoV) in the UAE has made a full recovery, authorities announced on Sunday. 

The 73-year-old woman, identified as Liu Yujia, is believed to have contracted the virus in China, however, she didn't experience symptoms until after she had arrived in the emirates. 

In a statement to the UAE's state news agency, the country's Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) said Yujia was treated at an isolation ward; she'd been in quarantine at the center since Jan. 23. 

Several officials visited the woman after her recovery including the ministry's assistant undersecretary for health centers and clinics, Dr Hussein Al Rand. China's Consul in the Gulf nation, Li Xuhang, also met with the patient and congratulated her on recovering from the disease. 

During his visit to Yujia, Xuhang hailed the UAE's healthcare system for supporting the woman's recovery.

"The UAE leadership, government and people have demonstrated the true meaning of solidarity with the People's Republic of China in confronting this latest outbreak," the diplomat said. 

Al Rand offered an update on the remaining patients getting medical care for the current virus in the country, saying they are "receiving proper health care in accordance with leading World Health Organization standards, with each individual case being monitored until full recovery is attained."

The official believes Yujia's recovery raises hopes that all the other diagnosed cases in the country can also make full recoveries.

Eight cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UAE

So far, eight cases of the current coronavirus have been reported in the UAE. These include Yujia, who was diagnosed alongside three other members of her family after they traveled to the UAE from virus-hit Wuhan. 

Days later, another Chinese man who arrived in the country from Wuhan was also diagnosed with the illness. Two more cases were confirmed on Saturday after a Chinese citizen and a Filipino tested positive for the disease. 

Late on Monday, authorities said an Indian man had become the eighth person to be infected with the virus in the country. Those still battling the illness continue to receive treatment in quarantine. 

The UAE is amping up efforts to combat the spread of the virus. Last week, the country's Ministry of Health and Prevention said it activated a "predictive electronic system to identify patients at high risk of contracting the novel coronavirus." The Gulf nation also issued a warning against nose rub greetings to help prevent the spread of the deadly outbreak. 

Coronavirus death toll continues to climb

Global concern about the recent outbreak is at an all-time high as the death toll continues to soar in China. 

At time of writing, over 40,000 people have been diagnosed with the illness and more than 910 deaths related are now confirmed. This death toll exceeds the 774 people who died worldwide during the 2002-2003 SARS epidemic.

Around 3,500 patients diagnosed with the virus have been able to make full recoveries; more are expected to recover in the coming days. 

Recovery time varies among patients depending on several factors including pre-existing conditions. However, researchers believe it's too early to pinpoint the exact variable affecting survival rates. 

Scientists all over the world are now scrambling to create vaccines and find medications that can be used to curb the disease which originated in a fresh seafood market in Wuhan back in December and has now spread to 27 countries worldwide.