Arab Muslims celebrated the Islamic New Year on Tuesday and of course the event didn't go unnoticed online. 

A trending hashtag titled "what are your personal plans for the New Year?" saw thousands share their resolutions for the coming few months.

While some had pretty serious plans, others put on their funny hats.

Here are a few that are sure to make your day:

Some just want it all to end

Others have pretty basic plans

Many can't bother with plans at all

Because food parties win over any plan

"We're pashas, we only eat, drink and sleep"

Planning? What's that?

A few want to stress less... but don't we all?

Others want to just stay single... for as long as possible

New year = all friendships cancelled

We all just want to do this... block, block, block

Tweeps had the most bizarre new year's resolutions

And to sum it all up... Happy Hijri New Year