The internet was set ablaze last night after Croatia managed to win over Argentina 3-0, disappointing Argentina fans around the world. 

The team's star player, Lionel Messi, could not do much for what The Telegraph dubbed as "the worst Argentina team in memory," which would still have a bleak chance of qualifying if Nigeria triumphs over Iceland Friday afternoon.

Arabs have come out in full force to comment on the 2018 World Cup proceedings online, and the Argentina-Croatia match was no exception. To no one's surprise, jokes have dominated the conversation.

Messi particularly received a huge share of criticism and mockery from Arab social media users, who commented on the loss with tweets and memes that are nothing short of savage.

Here's what they had to say:

1. Naturally, memes made an appearance

"Abou Mawled, wait for me, I'm following you to the airport."

2. Arabs suggested that he changes careers

"The latest by the artist Messi Jounaid: My psychological state has reached point zero."

3. Was he jinxed by Arabs?

"He hasn't seen any goodness ever since."

4. Egyptians offered him a spot on their national team

5. "Messi Ciao"

6. Sounds like solidarity with the Arab teams

"Messi is leaving the groups stage because he's expressing solidarity with the Arab teams. God bless his ethics."

7. Savage level: 10000...

"Used jersey for sale. Great condition. Has only been worn twice."

8. More like infinity

"The Argentinian front has been destroyed."

9. "How Messi handled the Croatian defense"

10. To be fair, the entire Argentinian team was roasted

"Does Argentina's team have an airplane or do we drop them off on our way?" 


"BREAKING NEWS: Argentina requests to join the Arab League."

12. Meanwhile, Messi's Arab fans expressed their full support