Kuwaiti social media celebrity, 3bodka, came under fire for insulting Kuwaiti people earlier this week. 

In a Snapchat video he sent out, the star said Kuwaitis criticizing him are "crap," sparking an online frenzy among his followers. 

The celebrity's statement came in response to thousands attacking him over the drowning of a pet dog he had left unattended, accusing him of animal abuse. 

And it obviously hasn't gone down too well with many, who have now taken legal action against the public figure. 

As the controversy continues, here's how it's playing out online: 

It all started when 3bodka's pet dog drowned

The star then decided to share the tragic news with his followers on Snapchat, filming the dead Chow Chow, who had drowned in a pool after he was left unattended. 

3bodka later apologized for sharing the footage and for indirectly causing the dog's death, but his words did little to calm people down.

Leading many to accuse the star of animal abuse

The star was accused of animal abuse, with some even launching a petition against him and calling on authorities to take action. 

3bodka then hit back at those criticizing him

Amid the intense backlash, 3bodka then sent out a series of Snapchat videos, offensively hitting back at those attacking him and hurling insults at his followers. 

In one of them, the star said those who refuse to believe his dog's death was unintentional are "crappy" people, and this statement in specific has now gone viral all over social media. 

This angered thousands and led to legal action against him

The offensive statement led many to file legal complaints against the social media personality, including several of the country's lawyers. 

Kuwait's Cybercrime Bureau has also reportedly filed a report against 3bodka, submitting it to the Gulf State's Public Prosecutor. 

In their complaint, the bureau accused him of insulting Kuwaiti nationals. 

The celebrity's lawyer has since issued a statement on the matter

As the controversy continues to intensify, the celebrity's lawyer sent out a video defending his client. 

In it, he explained that the star hadn't meant all Kuwaiti people in his statement but was only referring to those who were attacking him online. 

He also added that his original Snapchat video had been edited and shared on Instagram under a misleading headline, which got people to file legal complaints against the celebrity. 

Ending his statement, the lawyer warned everyone still falsely accusing 3bodka of any wrongdoing via social media platforms that they will be held accountable over their posts.