When everything else fails, Arabs resort to humor to make the most out of gloomy situations. It's one of our major talents...

So, when Egypt's national football team lost 3-1 against Russia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Arab social media users joined forces to express their disappointment ... and crack jokes. 

This comes as the host country managed to overcome the Egyptian team with three goals within 15 minutes in the second half of the match, as part of the second round of the group stage matches

Egypt's star player, Mohammed Salah, scored the country's single goal so far in this year's World Cup. The Pharaohs are now set to play against Saudi Arabia, which lost 5-0 to Russia in the opening game of the tournament.

As per the social media norm, Arabs had a lot to say about the match and they expressed their thoughts with hilarious memes and tweets. 

Here's a glimpse: 

1. Arabs whose countries didn't qualify are low-key relieved

2. Mo Salah memes were in full force

"Why did you take us to the World Cup?"

3. Naturally, Mohamed Henedy had the best tweets

"Oh God, so when we finally broke the curse and managed to score ... We scored in our own goal."

4. An accurate depiction of Ahmed Fathy after scoring for Russia

5. Selective patriotism is the way to go

6. "Deep sh*t" sums it all up

7. People couldn't help but joke about the upcoming Egypt-Saudi Arabia match

8. "The winner gets the front seats of the airplane"

"I don't know how to tell you this... Okay so, we're going to play against each other and the winner gets the front seats of the airplane."

9. A gentle reminder

10. The saddest case of Arab solidarity

11. Some tweeps had viable suggestions

"They should join all Arab teams in one single national team at the World Cup. They would rely on Egypt's offense, Morocco's center, Tunisia's defense, and Saudi Arabia would fund the team."

12. Meanwhile, others are more optimistic