Nepotism, also known as wasta or clientelism, is a reality in the Arab world, governing political, social, and economic life.

"Work hard till you become the wasta" is a motto Arabs have been passing down generations for decades.

In response to the everlasting wasta system, Arabs introduced a hashtag titled "do you have wasta?" to mock the system in place.

1. Explaining "wasta" in 10 seconds ...

2. "The shortest success story: I am here because I know this person"

3. "Wasta" privileges 101

4. "Wasta" graduation caps be like:

5. "ME when my father is calling someone with wasta to help me get employed"

6. When you don't have "wasta" and you're doomed

7. The "wasta" system in a nutshell:

8. Those who don't have "wasta" will get this: