American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys made it out to Egypt with her husband ... and it seems like the couple is making the most of their trip.

Both Keys and her husband Kasseem Dean - aka Swizz Beats - have been documenting their trip to Oum El Dunya on social media.

"There's so much to see, there's so much to know, so much to uncover, so many ways to grow, I've been waiting for this moment forever," Keys wrote in an Instagram post.

Her husband shared a video of them both, alongside their kids, taking Arabic lessons and reciting the alphabet.

"1, 2, 3"

Striking a pose?


"No caption capable of capturing the vibe"

Keys also shared a photo of her two sons as they played with the sand near the pyramids. 

"I just want them to know how powerful they are ... how incredible our ancestors were. The first astrophysicists, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, architects, creators of so much of the world as we know it. It's such a blessing to know what cloth you're cut from!" the singer wrote. 

"Every King need a Queen that's better than him"

Celebrities seem to be ticking Egypt off their bucket lists!

Alicia Keys and her husband aren't the only celebrities to visit Egypt (and fall in love with the country) in recent years. 

In 2014, Tom Hanks paid a visit to Hurghada to shoot his movie A Hologram for the King.

A year later, Morgan Freeman visited Egypt as part of work involved in the making of the documentary The Story of God, as well as to familiarize himself with Egyptian customs and traditions. 

In 2017, Will Smith visited the country and didn't miss the chance to meet  Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass.