Over the weekend, Egyptian singer Amr Diab caused quite the stir online after a video of him beating his bodyguard on stage went viral. According to Al Anba newspaper, the incident took place on Thursday at a concert Diab held in the northern coast of Egypt. 

During the performance, one of the singer's fans jumped on stage, rushing towards the star and giving him a hug. At first, Diab appeared to be startled by the fan, but when the latter raised his hands, the singer greeted him back. 

When the star's bodyguard tried to get hold of the fan, the singer pushed him away, hitting him on the back. He then proceeded to take a selfie with the man.

A video capturing the incident went completely viral

The footage made the rounds on Twitter and has since amassed over 300,000 views on the social media platform. 

Diab's reaction towards the bodyguard divided both his fans and tweeps.

Some deemed the singer's reaction unacceptable, accusing him of mistreating the man for doing his job. However, there were also those who hailed Diab for defending the fan. 

Here's a little of what people had to say:

Many attacked Diab's reaction to the incident

"Honestly, this wasn't the right thing to do. He's the one who hired a bodyguard... he could've calmly told him to leave the fan alone without insulting him in front of everyone."

"This is a bodyguard's job, what did you beat him for?"

"Why hire a bodyguard in the first place????"

Some thought it was all fake

"An act."

Regardless, others were all for Diab's reaction

"This is what an artist who loves his fans does."

And hailed him for it

"You've always been a legend, Amr Diab."

Not the first time an Arab celebrity beats their bodyguard

This certainly isn't the first time an Arab singer loses their temper with security men who violently tackle fans.

Earlier this year, Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab kicked a bodyguard who attempted to restrict a fan from taking a photo with her.

A video capturing the moment went viral on social media, sparking a meltdown of the sorts.