Top student awards usually make the rounds online for positive reasons... but that wasn't exactly the case this time.

Earlier this week, a Saudi school awarded a high achieving student with a one riyal ($0.27) coupon to buy food from its cafeteria. 

Soon after, a photo of the voucher was uploaded to Twitter and started circulating on the platform. 

People have since been reacting to the matter and the meltdown over it is pretty intense. 

The one riyal coupon is all over Saudi Twitter

Some were quite upset over it

"Okay, the meaning behind this is to motivate students which is great... but a riyal!! Stop giving students money because this is just embarrassing! One riyal! At least make it two." 

Others reacted to the incident with shock

"Is this their reward?"

And sarcasm...

"What? No, that's just too much. They should've given him half a riyal." 

Many turned to humor

"They used to give us 10 and now it's a riyal... the economic situation has affected school rewards. It isn't clear if they've added tax to this gift." 

"They should've at least given it to him in cash"

Several tweeps just couldn't even

"The school's administrator signed the cheque too."

"It could've just been a simple appreciation certificate"

Some people's anger over the matter was too real

"If this news is true, the school's headmaster should be fired from his job."  

Not everyone was angered over the coupon though

"One riyal might not be of value to many, but the aim here is for the money to bring joy to the student and motivate them to keep doing great work." 

Many raised this point of view

"Regardless of the reward's value, the goal is to motivate this student. And for your information, all rewards and gifts handed to students are paid for by their individual teachers. It's a personal gesture that they should be thanked for." 

"The value lies in the meaning not in the amount of money awarded"