Undoubtedly, some men have an extremely distorted idea of what it takes to be a "real" man (whatever that means), and Arab men are no exception.

From associating their "honor" to the length of their sisters' skirts to freaking out about any reference to feminism, some Arab men have proven their masculinity is rather delicate...

1. When this Lebanese driver claimed he would rather die than use an airbag

A photo shared on Twitter showcased a Lebanese man who proved his fragile masculinity is literally lethal. 

The photo captured his bumper sticker that suggested he would rather die "like a real man" than have an airbag installed in his car.

2. When this Jordanian man said he would kill his sister if she gets a job

When Shabab Talk presenter Jaafar Abdul Karim took to the streets of Amman to ask men how they would react if their sisters decided to get a job or move to a different city, the responses were infused with patriarchy and misogyny

"A woman should not leave her house without a male guardian," one man replied. 

"She represents our honor. This is forbidden," another man said, adding, "There's a man in the house and only he can work."

"What remains of our masculinity in this case (if women work)?" someone else said.

And it gets worse! When asked what he would do if his sister disobeys him and still goes to work, one man blatantly said he would shoot and kill her.

3. When this guy considered a "The Future is Female" shirt offensive

According to the tweet above, a middle-aged Arab man was offended with an 11-year-old girl's shirt that read "The Future is Female" ... *Face palm*

4. When these guys thanked God their sisters had died

In a Twitter conversation, two men discussed their relief that their respective sisters are dead.

One user wrote, "Thank God my sister is dead because otherwise, she would have been searching for a boyfriend to keep her warm in winter. As the accurate saying goes: If your sister dies, your disgrace dies with her and your honor gets preserved. #How_Did_You_Prepare_For_Winter"

Meanwhile, the other user claimed his father did not host a funeral when his own daughter died. Instead, the father was happy about her death and said at the time, "The disgrace is dead."

5. When this Saudi man beat his wife for cheering for Cristiano Ronaldo

In one of the most bizarre divorce cases to ever be reported in Saudi Arabia, a couple split up in October 2017 after the husband abused his wife because she was cheering on Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The incident saw the husband verbally and physically abuse his wife after they finished watching the El Clasico game, Real Madrid versus Barcelona.

In her statement, the wife's friend explained that the 20-year-old wife, who is a die-hard fan of Real Madrid, was overjoyed after they won a match against Barcelona. 

"She started jumping around, screaming Ronaldo's name in front of her husband, who felt that was an insult to him," she said. 

Soon after the assault, the wife went back to her parents' house and filed for divorce. 

6. When this KFC sandwich appealed to men's fragile masculinity

When launching a new sandwich featuring chicken strips instead of a bread wrap, the fast-food chain's Arab account wrote, "The most powerful sandwich for men in the world is here" ... Because real Arab men don't eat bread, duh. 

7. When this campaign in Egypt told men to "man up" and control women's clothing

In August 2017, banners that read "Man up and don't let your girls wear tight clothes" took over the streets of Egypt.

Titled "Estargel," which translates to "Man up," the campaign reinforced the concept of victim-blaming, with banners and posters that called upon men to police women's clothing.