A Saudi tweep caused quite a stir in the kingdom after declaring her intentions of becoming an "Islamic model."

Sharing the news with her followers in a series of tweets posted on Sunday, Model Joud uploaded pictures of herself posing in an abaya and full-face veil.

Even though her tweets seem to be satirical, poking fun at the way fashionistas and models pose for photos, some took her announcement seriously.

Shortly after her tweet went viral, the self-declared model gained hundreds of social media followers and also sparked a Twitter meltdown of the sorts.

It all started when the Saudi tweep posted this online...

Caption on photo: "I've decided to become an Islamic model."

Caption in Tweet: "I told you I am going to drop out of college and become a model, however, my religion will always come before anything else."

She's now going viral for it...

The woman's post took Saudi Twitter by storm, with thousands of tweeps reacting to it.

While it remains unclear whether she was trying to make a joke or is serious on the matter, her post still sparked a widespread debate.

Some were angered by her actions, accusing her of mocking the religion and deeming her behavior inappropriate for a niqabi.

However, there were many others who loved her post, hailing Model Joud for uploading it. A few also pointed out the tweet might be a satirical take on cultural taboos.

The posts divided Saudi tweeps...

"You need to work for a model's body, even if it's not going to show." 

Some were completely against them

"I swear she's so embarrassing." 

Others posted things like this in response...

"Don't forget that you're going against the prophet's rule on women growing their nails. Also, taking photos of yourself to seduce men is wrong and you're going to be punished for it on judgment day." 

Model Joud's post attracted many haters

"By the way, you're not going to get famous over this." 

But not everyone stood against her... some actually loved her post

"I honestly loved this." 

"Mashallah your hand is prettier than my life"

Many got the humor behind her post

"You made my day!"

"I think I'm already your biggest fan"

The social media starlet has since responded to her haters

As many continue to attack the tweep with hateful comments, she's hitting back with hilarious responsesIn a tweet she posted on Monday, Model Joud wrote: 

"Me as I spot people fighting in my comments section, accusing me of ridiculing religion, when I am just wondering what to have for lunch."