For some people out there, it takes some extreme measures to deal with an ex-lover who did them wrong. One young Alexandria-based woman knows that all too well, so she decided to tackle her post-breakup blues with humor and ultimate savagery.

How? The unidentified woman put her ex-boyfriend on sale on the online marketplace OLX, and to add insult to injury, she chose to feature him in the animals section.

"I am selling my ex. His name is Omar Zeitoun. He is good-looking and calm, and he has long hair. He studies English law and drives a motorcycle," the seller wrote in the ad, adding that he is "scratch-free".

The woman went on to say that she is willing to accept any price she gets offered and explained that she "didn't find any section to present him in other than the animals section."

The offer, which can no longer be found on OLX, grabbed attention on social media after Egyptian photographer Nour El-Din Fkronh shared a photo that captured him standing alongside Zeitoun.

"I bought the lad who was being sold by his girlfriend on OLX," the photographer wrote in the caption, in which he tagged Zeitoun.

Soon after, Zeitoun posted a video of himself dancing and goofing around while driving a motorcycle, with a caption that reads, "They say [I'm] for sale."

StepFeed has reached out to Fkronh and Zeitoun for comment.

The incident has sent the people of the internet on a total meltdown, with Fkronh's post amassing almost 3,000 shares on Facebook. 

Here's how social media users reacted:

People can't even...

Laughing emojis are pouring in

Some couldn't but state this...

"She's right to sell you, I swear to God. Whatever you do [Omar], you will not be able to pick yourself up from the floor you were wiped with. What kind of stupidity is this?"

Everyone is wondering what the guy did wrong

"I am dying. Boy, what did you do for her to sell you like this?"

Girls seem to like the idea

"Come on, let's sell the piece of crap."

"Relax, no one would buy him"

"- I like the idea, what about I sell [mine] as well?

- Relax, no one would buy him."

And some even want to sell their own friends

"How about I sell you?"

"I think this is her right, I swear"

Meanwhile, others are busy crushing on him

"You're good-looking, so why are you being sold on OLX?"