In a shocking divorce case recently filed in a Dubai court, an Arab woman decided to end her marriage because her husband was making her pay for rides in his car, Al Bayan newspaper reported

According to the publication, the husband charged his wife 500 dirhams ($136) every single time she asked him to drive her somewhere, telling her he should be getting paid for spending time chauffeuring her instead of being with his friends. 

In court, the UAE-based woman said her unemployed husband could never keep a job for more than a few months at a time and relied on her to make a living for the household. 

Given the fact that she doesn't yet have her own car, she often relied on him when she needed a lift after work. 

A few months back, she asked that he drives her somewhere and was shocked when he demanded that she pays him for it.

The woman paid the fee at the time, thinking it was a one time thing, but when her husband didn't stop asking for money, she got fed up. 

Offended by his requests, the woman decided never to get in her husband's car again. 

She later filed for divorce, stating that she could no longer live with him.

The case circulated on Twitter earlier this week

Some were left shocked by it

Others weren't too surprised though

"I am not shocked nor surprised." 

Many hailed the woman's decision to end the marriage

"Divorcing him is the best thing you could've done." 

"Mallat 3aleh"

"To hell with him." 

This is a brave decision

"She came to this because she was exhausted by his actions. For many other women, just the thought of getting a divorce is terrifying because it goes against traditions. There are thousands of women who live in misery, just waiting for days to pass because they're not allowed to say no."