halal haram

Even though it's still considered taboo to discuss masturbation in Saudi Arabia and other countries across the Arab world, many on social media are slowly opening up about it. 

Earlier this week, Saudi tweeps launched a hashtag titled "Masturbation is halal" - in response to several circulating religious edicts (fatwas) - stating that it is not prohibited in Islam. 

Given that the majority of Islamic scholars deem the act haram (unacceptable) except for when a person resorts to it in a bid to avoid committing adultery or sin, the hashtag sparked controversy on Twitter. 

As it continues to make the rounds online, hundreds of people are tweeting out their points of view on the matter. 

Some just couldn't believe the topic was trending

"I just helped my father download Twitter, how do I explain this to him now!!!"

While many resorted to sarcasm and humor in their reactions

Others seriously weighed in on the matter

"It's haram guys." 

Many shared this point of view

"Masturbation is haram and it's prohibited in Islam because it can harm the human body." 

"Permitting what's clearly haram has become so easy"

Some are confused over the matter though

"When I was back in school they used to tell us it's haram. Now I am not so sure." 

Others not so much

"As if people were waiting for religious edicts on the matter." 

"Without a doubt, it's normal and a way for human beings to vent"

Not the first time the topic sparks controversy in the kingdom

Earlier this year, a video of Saudi psychologist Dr. Tariq Al Habib stating that masturbation is a basic human need sparked a heated debate on Saudi Twitter. 

Al Habib had made the statement during an appearance on an episode of Rotana Khalijiya's Ya Hala TV program. 

Even though he did mention that masturbation is considered haram in Islam, except for when a person resorts to it to avoid committing a sin, he also called on Islamic scholars to reconsider the matter.