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In a case of sexual abuse that shocked people in Egypt, an Egyptian man was arrested for raping his own mother earlier this week, Masrawy reported

The horrific assault reportedly took place on Wednesday in the country's Kafar Al Sheikh, and saw the 25-year-old abuser tie up his mother and rape her several times, all while threatening her with a knife. 

Hours after the attack, the 48-year-old victim reported her son, who is a general security officer, to police, who immediately arrested him. 

The man has since confessed to the crime

During initial investigations, the man admitted to his crime and shared its chilling details with police officers. 

In his confession, the defendant said he assaulted his mother because she is a "dishonorable" woman. 

"She doesn't fear anyone, not even my father and we all know that she does illicit things. That's why I wanted to prove to her that I am a man," he added

The case has now been transferred to Kafar Al Sheikh's public prosecution office who is expected to set a date for the man's trial. 

The case shocked people everywhere

Some tried to find explanations for the man's actions

"Let's not forget the presence of psychological reasons behind this crime. Egypt is a country with absolutely no mental health care."

Many thought he might have been on drugs

"I think drugs might have played a role in this unbelievably horrific crime." 

Others were just having none of it...

"I just can't believe this, can't even wrap my head around such horrible news." 

Many were left speechless by the news

"This is so horrific, one can't even find words to comment on it." 

"There are no words to describe your actions"

"Someone tell me what's going on in this country"

"Has it come to this? How is this horrific crime even possible?"