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A Kuwaiti TV presenter was suspended and will soon be investigated because she called her colleague "handsome" live on air. 

The TV host made the comment during Kuwait Television's live coverage of the country's municipal elections which took place over the past weekend.

A video capturing the incident shows the presenter trying to alert her colleague, Nawaf Al Sharraki, that he was on air after she spotted him adjusting a traditional head garment. 

"Nawaf, you don't need to adjust your head garment, you're handsome as it is," she is heard saying.  

The statement has since gone viral on Kuwaiti social media and has even reached the country's government, who called for action against the presenter. 

Two words might cost this host her job...

According to Al Qabas newspaper, the presenter's comment sparked outrage among some of the country's top officials. 

It even led Kuwaiti parliamentarian, Mohammad Al Hayef، to send out a public tweet to Mohammad Al Jaberi, the Gulf state's Minister of Information, asking him to take action against the TV host. 

Speaking to the local newspaper, a source from the Ministry of Information said the woman's suspension is temporary and will not be finalized until she is investigated over the incident. 

The source also explained the ministry's perspective on the matter, saying that many within the governmental institution believe the presenter unintentionally misspoke. 

The incident is all over Kuwaiti Twitter

Some are all for the decision to suspend the presenter

"A righteous decision, we thank the Ministry of Information for it."

"An official channel that represents a state cannot air such things"

"Telecasts aired must be formal, not spontaneous and what not." 

Others couldn't disagree more though...

"An unjust decision. It's clear that she meant it as a spontaneous joke." 

And were pretty upset over it...

"They left residential issues, corruption problems, issues with health care, education and all the other major problems faced by citizens and went after a TV presenter who called her colleague 'handsome.'"

Many reacted to the suspension with humor...

"Words that bring people happiness, but that you'll be punished for using in Kuwait." 

Some just couldn't even with the decision...

"You're handsome... don't fix your head garment. She was trying to lighten the mood during a rigid political show, it's nothing more than that. Suspending this presenter and referring her to investigation is just abusive." 

A similar case previously sparked controversy in Kuwait

Earlier last year, Ghada Al Siraj, anchor of a morning show on Kuwait TV, caused a social media stir after an on air blunder she allegedly made went viral. 

The gaffe took place during the broadcast of an episode of "Good Morning Kuwait," a daily program aired on KTV. 

In one of the episode's segments, Al Siraj was interviewing reporter Fheid Al Aieban. Moments after Al Aieban started answering a question he was asked, a female voice could be heard speaking of him, saying: "Look how gorgeous he is... he's so handsome."

Many thought it was Al Siraj who made the comment and news reports stated she was investigated over it. However, her colleagues later refuted these reports.