In response to Israel's crack down on Palestinian protesters in Gaza, Palestinian-American model, Gigi Hadid, has taken to social media to call out Israeli crimes and voice support for the Palestinians. 

Hadid, whose father is Palestinian, shed light on the ongoing violence in Gaza on both Instagram and Twitter

Her reaction comes as the Israeli military has been using deadly force against Palestinians protesting the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem along the Gaza-Israel border.

"For me, this is not about religion or one against the other"

On Tuesday, the model shared her views on the Palestinian cause in a tweet that included the hashtags #FreePalestine, #FreeGaza, along with #coexist.

"For me, this is not about religion or one against the other - it's about the greed," the tweet read. 

Meanwhile, her Instagram story featured a screenshot from an Al-Jazeera article, in which she underlined the fact that this Monday was considered the deadliest day of violence in Gaza since 2014, as well as the fact that casualties include children, women, and journalists.

She also shared a post by lawyer Lina Hadid about the day of "Nakba" on May 15, which commemorates the more than 700,000 Palestinians who were expelled from their lands by Israeli forces back in 1948.

"May 15, 1948 -- almost one million Palestinians were violently forced out of their country and never allowed back to Palestine. The Hadid family was amongst them and they fled in fear to Syria where they became refugees," the post read. 

According to the Huffington Post, Gigi Hadid's father, real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, was born in Nazareth during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, before fleeing to Syria with his family when he was 18 months old. 

Her father stood up for his country, too

Mohamed Hadid also took to Instagram to commemorate the "Nakba" in a post in which he shared his family's personal experience.

Hadid explained that his family was forced out of their home by another family - presumably Jewish - that the Hadids had previously provided shelter to.

"We should never forget Nakba as we should never forget The Holocaust.. sad day in history," he wrote. 

The real estate developer has previously publicly condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial decision to relocate his country's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

What is going on in Gaza?

The Gaza protests came in response to the inauguration of the first U.S. embassy in Jerusalem on Monday. 

President Donald Trump had announced the controversial decision back in December, breaking decades of established American foreign policy.

Israeli military has killed at least 60 Palestinians and wounded at least 2,700 others this week along the Gaza-Israel border. No Israelis have been reported killed or injured, according to the BBC.

Among the casualties are eight children, including an 8-month-old baby girl, Leila Anwar Ghandour, who reportedly died of asphyxiation from tear gas.

People are applauding Gigi for her support

Thanking her for using her platform to educate others

"Palestine needs all of us"

She didn't come here to play

"The reason why I love Gigi"


Even Lebanon's Adeela is impressed

"Gigi Hadid turned out to be more patriotic and has more respect for the Palestinian cause than 90% of Arab celebrities."

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