Jordan's coffee scene has dramatically changed over the past few years. Cafés were mostly visited by people meeting for business. 

More recently, cafés have mushroomed in old and new neighborhoods, pleasing tea and coffee lovers alike regardless of the purpose of visit. 

If you're a fellow Ammani or a tourist looking for a nice café to answer a few emails or have a good cup of coffee, we've got your back with a few places to check while in town: 

1. Caffè Strada

Known for their Italian coffee and unlimited tea selection, Caffè Strada is one of Amman's coziest places to catch up with friends.

Other than having a smoke-free indoor area to enjoy your drink, Caffè Strada also has a blog with tips on types of coffee and tea for enthusiasts who like to experiment. 

2. Rumi Cafe

Rumi is a laid-back café in Jabal el Weibdeh with its own philosophy on books, food, and the perfectly brewed cuppa. 

The beautifully landscaped sidewalk is sure to welcome you on a summer day. 

3. Almond Coffee House

Almond Coffee House's contemporary and minimal interior is sure to set your mind at ease. 

With a delicate focus on sweets and bakes, this coffee shop offers a variety of set menus at all times.

4. Fann wa Chai

Located in an old house in Weibdeh, Fann Wa Chai (Art and Tea) doubles as an art gallery and tea bar. This place is quiet enough for a good book and conversation. 

Don't forget to check out their TV fish bowl for an Instagramable post.

5. Dimitri's Coffee

Dimitri's Coffee is known for its locally roasted coffee made from the best beans from around the world. 

Founded recently in 2014, this place grew a great number of followers to become the go-to place for coffee lovers across the kingdom.

6. MindHub

MindHub is an entirely smoke-free space. 

From smoothies and tea to coffee and crispy croissants, get yourself a boost of energy in the morning for a good start. 

7. Seven Pennies

Seven Pennies boasts a unique interior while keeping their urban style Insta photos on point.

They serve good coffee, healthy salads, gooey cookies, and donate seven pennies from every order to different causes across Jordan. 

If you like giving back to your community, you know where to go.

8. Blue Fig

Blue Fig is not exactly your typical coffee shop, even though they serve coffee and cookies, another tribal flair can be felt. 

They care to present good food, good art, humanitarian social causes, oh, and they've been dominating the field for 17 years now.

9. Kava Espresso & Brew Bar

Kava Espresso & Brew Bar doesn't have to be the most spacious coffee house to offer its customers the best brew quality in the world. 

With beans from Ethiopia and beyond, a design to please the eye, and an outdoor mini terrace, the place makes for the perfect quiet Sunday morning.