Think you know everything about Jordan? Think again. 

Here are 6 things you thought you knew about the kingdom! 

1. The Dead Sea is the saltiest worldwide

Apart from the fact that the Dead Sea isn't really a sea, it's actually a lake, it's also not the saltiest body of water like many people believe. 

The saltiest body of water in the world is actually the Don Juan Pond in Antarctica with a salinity level that reaches 44.2%, meanwhile, the Dead Sea's salinity level stands at 33.7%. 

The Dead Sea is actually famous because it's the deepest body of water with such high salinity. Its mineral mud is used in various skincare products and it's the lowest point on Earth. 

2. Nobody knows why it's called Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is one of the oldest and busiest streets in Amman. It was once called Abu Bakr al Siddiq Street. 

Although there's much speculation regarding the change in name, it's most likely the result of the opening of a movie theater, Cinema Rainbow, on the street itself that led to this. 

Rainbow cinema, which is now closed, was actually Jordan's first cinema. 

3. The star on the flag represent the seven hills of Amman

This is actually one of biggest misconceptions about Jordan, countless people have argued over the real meaning of the seven pointed star on the Jordanian flag.  

While many believe the star represents the seven hills that the capital was originally built on which are: Jabal Al Kosoor, Jabal al Jofeh, Jabal al Taj, Jabal al Nozha, Jabal al Nasr, Jabal al Natheef and Jabal al Akhdar, the star actually represents the seven verses in the first surah of the Qur'an and the unity of the Arab people after the Great Arab Revolt.  

4. Roundabouts don't have names

If you're trying to give someone directions in Amman, the easiest way is to know which roundabout is closest to them. West Amman, where the main roundabouts or circles are located, has eight circles, starting from the first circle next to Rainbow Street and ending at the 8th circle next to Bayadir Wadi al Seer. 

We grew up calling them the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc... but some of them have actual names. The 5th circle is called Prince Faisal bin al-Hussein Square, the 6th circle is officially named Prince Rashid bin el-Hassan Square and the 7th circle is called Prince Talal bin Muhammad Square. 

Why the rest of the roundabouts don't have names is actually unknown, but we'll never call the 5th circle Prince Faisal bin al-Hussein square... That's just not gonna happen!  

5. Jordan doesn't have any natural resources

Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC)

That is completely false. Yes, Jordan is mostly a desert but the country is rich in potash and phosphate rock. In 2010, Jordan was ranked the sixth and seventh producer of phosphate rock and potash in the world.

Phosphate rock is used to make chemicals for dish detergents and liquid cleaning products. While potash is mostly used to create fertilizers for the agricultural industry. 

6. Jordanians aren't welcoming

Jordan is actually one of the most hospitable countries in the world and Jordanians are some of the friendliest. It actually goes against our traditions and culture to be rude to people no matter where they're from. 

I mean yes, we might not smile as much as you would like us to, but if you ask any Jordanian for help we're more than happy and willing. 

And if you play your cards right, you might get invited to our homes for authentic mansaf!