When it comes to Islamic architecture, domes, arches, and large courts come to mind. 

Since the seventh century, a combination of contemporary and religious styles have been incorporated into the creation of many mosques, palaces, and public spaces. 

With some inspiration drawn from the Byzantine Empire, Mesopotamia, and Persia, Islamic architecture spread rapidly in the world. 

Here are some of the most beautiful mosques out there

1. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, Islam, Mosque, Architecture, Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Source: weloveist

2. The Great Mosque of Córdoba, Spain

3. Mir-i-Arab Madrasa, Uzbekistan

4. The Isfahan International Conference Center, Iran

5. The Jama Masjid of Delhi, India

the jama masjid, india, islam, architecture
Source: Wikimedia

6. Muhammad Ali Mosque, Egypt

Muhammad Ali Mosque, Egypt, Mosque, Islam, architecture
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7. The Dome of the Rock Shrine, Palestine

palestine, dome of the rock shrine, architecture,
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