As most people in the Middle East know, LinkedIn is the de facto tool for professional networking.

It's a business and employment-oriented social networking platform that operates via its website and mobile apps.

LinkedIn - home to more than 500 million users worldwide - has helped numerous individuals connect with potential employers.

Among many Egyptians who are disgruntled with "traditional" social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has become their go-to platform.

Although it has only just gained popularity in the country, here are 7 hilarious ways in which Egyptians have already managed to misuse LinkedIn:

1. Mistaking LinkedIn for Tinder!

Pro tip: Don't accept any connection requests you receive from people you don't know. Otherwise, you may end up receiving a message like this one...

2. Sharing personal posts

Many personal "outfit of the day" and annoying "pick your favorite hijab style of mine" posts might fill up your "professional" feed. 

3. Posting religious content

Yay or nay? 

4. Some users just want to increase their contact list...

Many users are aiming for big numbers on LinkedIn. This most likely means that they will have random contacts from completely unrelated work fields added to their address book.

5. Excessive messaging

Tinder vibes, again... 

6. Some just share irrelevant content

Another pro tip: Just because you discovered an amusing anecdote or an old local joke that you love, doesn't mean your LinkedIn contacts will appreciate it on their timelines...

7. Some resort to the hooking-up-masquerading-as-seeking-professional-advice method

By far, this one takes the cake. 

Some users may approach you for consulting or career advice at first. They will then, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, start to frequently message you, until you are forced to block them.

Or, perhaps there is that one particular reason?