Arab parents are infamous for liking to keep their kids indoors ... they like to believe it's safer to stay home.

Before the investigation and countless questions they ask you before you head to the doorstep, they use a few tricks in hope of changing your mind. 

No matter what you do, you won't succeed at escaping ... but it's interesting to see just how far they're ready to go to keep you home. 

Here are some simple, yet genius, tactics your parents use to lure you into staying in with them:

1. They will pamper you to the maximum

Your mother will personally make sure you're cozied up in bed with a fluffy blanket, your favorite beverage, and all your electronics fully charged.

You will for once be able to use all the internet you need and be allowed to be glued to your phone or laptop without a single frown directed at you.

2. You will gain back your privacy ... temporarily, of course

Privacy is a concept that unfortunately is beyond our Arab parents' grasp. 

When they can't reason with you to not go out, they suddenly remember why you stay in your room all the time. 

That's when voices of angels fill your head ... and the key to your room is returned to you. But that doesn't mean they don't have a spare one!

3. Your dad will challenge you to games

A sudden burst of affection will come your way, but "please stay home with us."

He'll suggest tawleh, cards, and even video games. 

4. You'll be allowed, even encouraged, to invite your friends over

Isn't that just amazing? 

As long as you have fun and enjoy your night ... IN! 

5. The remote control? All yours

The main struggle between Arab family members is who has possession over the infamous remote control. 

Your father, the legitimate owner, will make you heir ... but truth be told, you'd much rather stream series in your room.

6. They won't comment on the mess you make

They might drop hints, but no comment will come out of them. Your mess is welcomed ... for the time being.

Your mother won't mind you enjoying YouTube videos on your phone for once. Just keep in mind that it won't last, so minimize the mess.  

7. Your favorite meal will be served

This could be the easiest, yet smartest, ruse to be deployed by Arab mothers.

Molokhia, Kabsa, Wara' aarich, and all the mouthwatering dishes you adore will be waiting for you in the kitchen.

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