When it comes to telling your Arab parents that you're going out, their response is never a simple "Okay, enjoy it, Habibi!"

Instead, they opt for a full-on investigation, interrogating you about every single aspect of your outing. One might say it's one of the many unconventional ways through which they show that they love and care about you.

So, before you go out, brace yourself for these 10 questions from your Arab parents:

1. "Shou, you're going out?"

Arab parents seem to have a thing for asking rhetorical questions, like "Shou, neyme?" (Are you sleeping?) when you're clearly in deep sleep and "Shou, jeete?" (Are you back?) when you're right in front of them.

Similarly, when they see you all dressed up, they are bound to ask whether you're going out. In their defense, you could have dressed up simply to pose for an Instagram photo-shoot... Who knows?

2. There's no escaping the pre-outing interrogation

You can't walk out the door before giving a detailed response to "Where are you going?" and "Who are you going with?" ... among other questions. 

Your parents will probably be critical of your response and will try to convince you to change your plans - to no avail, of course. 

3. And then comes the inquiry into the people you're hanging out with

Despite how many times you've told your parents about your friends, some of whom they have personally met, they just seem to regularly forget who is who. 

So, you end up telling them about each friend's background over and over again.

4. "How are you getting there?"

The real struggle is explaining ride-hailing apps to them, with "Min Kareem?" (Who is Kareem?) inevitably coming as a response when you tell them you are taking a Careem Car.

5. "Did you fix your room?"

Good luck leaving the house if your room isn't absolutely spotless. 

6. Your mama can't help but ask if you've eaten ... and then insist that you eat at home

You probably know better than to tell your mom that you're going out to eat when she has already cooked something at home. Having lunch twice is definitely the way to go!

7. "What time will you be back?"

There's no right answer for this one other than "I won't be late" because if you give an accurate answer and don't end up making it on time, you won't hear the last of it.

8. You can't avoid the guilt-trip

Every now and then, they will ask "Why don't you spend time with us?" and rant about how you're always out. 

But then, when you do spend time at home, they will call you lazy and tell you to go out... The confusion is real!

9. "Is that what you're wearing?"

They can't help but comment on your outfit and overall appearance, especially if you're female.

10. They will probably ask you to get something on your way back, even if it's completely unnecessary

It goes without saying that you're not welcome back in the house without the objects they requested.

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