As one Twitter user accurately stated, "Arab parents are a different kind of strict".

They go overboard with their authoritativeness and over-protectiveness, making the various aspects of our lives extremely challenging.

However, some of us have been - how to put it gently? - granted parents who are on a whole new level of strict and overprotective. 

Unless you were blessed with open-minded and lenient Arab parents, you will probably relate to these 10 things:

1. Dating is the epitome of an extreme sport...

Dating as a young Arab with strict parents is the ultimate minefield. Never in a million years would your parents allow you to have a relationship that is not 100% serious.

So, if you dare be in a relationship regardless, you resort to extreme measures to hide it from your parents... Does changing the contact name of your partner to the name of someone from the same gender ring a bell? 

2. And so is social media

You know very well that a simple comment from a friend of the opposite gender or being tagged in a picture your parents wouldn't approve of would trigger a full-on investigation. 

As a result, every social media move - from posting a new photo to accepting your loud-mouthed relative's friend request - is extensively calculated.

3. Your friends just don't get it

You really can't begin to explain your parents' rules and decisions to your friends, who seem to think you can argue your way into doing anything you want. It just doesn't work like that!

4. You do a security scan wherever you go

You do a 360-degree scan of any area you are in to spot relatives and family friends whose entire lives seem to revolve around gossip.

Rest assured, if you end up running into one of them, your parents will get an extensive report on your entire outing, from what you were wearing to who you were with, and of course, the greasy meal you were eating.

5. There's no such thing as "spontaneous plans"

Source: Instagram

It typically goes something like this: Your friends planned to go to the movies, but halfway along the way, they decided to go on a road-trip instead. 

Naturally, your response would be along the lines of, "Uhm guys, what about you drive me back home first?"  

6. You're always the first to leave a gathering

Your parents' curfew is no joke. 

7. If you're female, you have to deal with a strict dress code

"When you arrive at the party VS. When your parents see you leaving the house."

You have changed your entire outfit because your baba deemed it as "too revealing" one too many times. There's no arguing with your parents' dress code, which is anything but flexible. 

8. Age is just a number

Thought your 18th birthday meant you would be treated as an independent adult responsible for his/her own decisions? Think again! 

And, of course, forget about moving out before getting married.

9. You have a mini heart-attack when your parent says "pass me your phone"

The above meme says it all!

10. You hear "3ayb" way too many times

When they can't be bothered to make rational arguments, Arab parents love to use "3ayb" (shameful) or "haram" (religiously forbidden) to stop you from doing something. 

And when all else fails, they might add, "It would ruin our reputation" to take the guilt-tripping to the next level. 

From a fellow Arab who grew up with strict parents, may the force be with you!

It gets easier and they gradually become more lenient along the way, I promise.