Dubai's love affair with gold dates way back in time and has evolved in the ways it's been flaunted.

It started with the city's traditional Gold Souk, which is home to over 300 retailers, some of which set up shops 40 years ago. But, the love affair has developed gradually into edibles. From coffee to burgers, the integration of gold into the food and beverage sector has been shining in recent years.

Recently, a French footballer got called out for eating a 24-karat steak while in Dubai ... but edible gold is actually a pretty common thing in the Emirati city.

According to CNN, consumable gold takes the form of "gold leaf, flakes or dust" and is usually tasteless. Still, gold food items have made international headlines time and again.

The $816 scoop of "Black Diamond" ice cream

Source: WhatsOn

Scoopi Café debuted the signature dessert in 2015, made with vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, saffron from Iran, black truffles from Italy, and 23-karat gold flakes and powder.

The $1,000 "Golden Phoenix" cupcake

Sold at Bloomsbury's in Dubai Mall, this outrageously expensive cupcake comes with a $1,000 price tag.

The $20 cup of coffee

Served at the Armani Hotel located in Burj Khalifa, this $20 cappuccino will have you sipping on gold, quite literally. 

Made from the hotel's signature Arabian blend, the drink is topped with 23-karat gold leaf. 

The bloody "Golden Mary"

Source: Trip Advisor

The St. Regis Dubai (now known as Habtoor Palace) has their own take on the traditional bloody mary cocktail; it's called The Golden Mary.

The signature cocktail is made of dates, red pepper flakes, lemon juice, yellow tomato juice, and rose-infused vodka ... garnished with golden leaf accents.

The $50 "Go for Gold" package

Trophy Room, a sports bar located in Fairmont Dubai, has you (and chicken) covered in 30 grams of gold with the Go for Gold package. 

Indulge on gold-dusted chicken nuggets and golden fries for $50 ... because who said fast food can't be fancy?

The Italian restaurant that offers a side of "gold flakes"

24 Karat, a restaurant located in Dubai's Marriott Hotel, offers a side of gold flakes on several items on the menu, including burgers, pizzas, and salads.

The "Burg Khalifa" bedazzled with gold

In 2017, UK-based food truck operator The Roadery's gold-plated burger was the talk of the town in Dubai, after the company announced it was bringing the most expensive street food to Dubai.

Featuring a gold leaf on top and covering the bun, the Burg Khalifa burger was priced at 230 dirhams ($63) ... and was served during the Eat The World DXB festival that year.