Let's face it, as beautiful as it may be, the Arabic language can be pretty difficult, especially for foreigners.

While attempting to use Arabic, some foreigners have committed major linguistic crimes, such as using disjointed letters or writing from left to right...

While some crimes can be considered petty, others are just despicable and make every Arab native want to scream "Ya ard inshaqi w ibla3ini."

Here are 8 times foreigners miserably failed at Arabic:

1. When Lindsay Lohan's well-intended message went downhill

In 2015, the American actress shared a now-deleted post on Instagram in which she intended to tell her followers "You're beautiful" in both Arabic and English. The result? The Arabic version read "Inta hmar" (You are a donkey.)

Lohan has probably (read: hopefully) worked on her Arabic since that mishap, as she has been spending plenty of time in Dubai over the past year.

2. When Disney ignored the fact that Arabic letters are meant to be connected

As part of its photography campaign "Dream Big, Princess," which was launched in August 2017, the mass media company committed a huge language crime while translating the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess into Arabic.

The Arabic hashtag read أحلامك حقيقة يا أميرة ("Your dreams are real, princess,") except the letters were spaced out rather than connected. *Facepalm*

3. As did Coca Cola

Yup, these market giants should consider hiring Arab editors.

While advertising their Coke Zero, Coca Cola not only used disjointed Arabic letters to write "zero" in Arabic, but also wrote the word backwards, from left to right. The company seemed to have forgotten that, unlike English, Arabic is written and read from right to left.

4. When this guy wrote "marshmallow" instead of "mashallah"

Well, at least he eventually learned the right spelling.

5. When this footballer got an Arabic tattoo with a grammatical mistake

Brazilian football player Philippe Coutinho is one of the many unfortunate people who have inked Arabic tattoos onto their bodies with spelling or grammatical mistakes. 

It seems like he resorted to Google Translate to translate the phrase "Thank you for being my friend" and ended up with a flawed tattoo. It roughly translates to "Thank you to be my friend."

6. When Brian Krause read Arabic text backwards

While playing the character Leo Wyatt in the television series Charmed, American actor Brian Krause read Arabic text from left to right. Naturally, Arabs were quick to point out the blunder.

7. When this choir butchered an Arabic classic

The non-Arab choir performed a rendition of Syrian singer Sabah Fakhri's "Foq Al-Nakhl" and it was - how to put it gently? - less than stellar. The choir simply could not properly pronounce the song's lyrics.

But, to be fair, pronouncing Arabic words is anything but easy, so kudos for the effort.

8. When this center tried to greet Arabs ... and almost succeeded

While translating "Welcome" to Arabic, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority wrote "Wa sahlan ahlan" instead of "Ahlan wa sahlan." Close enough.