We've seen it before; Google Translate has let many people down, especially Arabs. 

With translations that make us all bewildered with confusion, the free service that instantly translates words online has left our jaws open on more than one occasion. 

Take a trip down disaster lane and check out these off-point translations of Arabic expressions we use daily.  

1. "Sahten"

Because you don't deserve one truth, no. 

You deserve two whole truths.

2. "Khara 3lek"

Even though we can't tell if it's accurate or not, this one is quite funny.

3. "3azebak raha"

That's just plain on-point.

4. "Zanbak 3ala janbak"

This one too...

5. "Rouh ballit l baher"

Why or how Google Translate decided to skip a word or two, we shall never ask.

6. "Betmoun"

YAS! Our own Batman.

We always knew this superhero hunk was Arab. 

7. "Bala many**eh"

Are you out of words like we are? 

8. "Mafi 3azeb"

A: "Thank you, I appreciate it."

B: "What in torment for you."

9. "Beleh testrak sater"

Wlak "play a jacket, you're so stupid..." 

10. "3a raseh"

Well... Google Translate has gone upside down. 

11. "L 3awefeh"

We are wondering as well...

12. "Yekhroub baytak habbaytak"

This one is for all Najwa Karam fans.

13. "Iza habibak 3asal, ma telhaso kello"

Chew your lover one piece at a time.

14. "Khbot rasak bl het"

Some people have Cake By The Ocean, others just break.

15. "Yeb3atlak marad"

As in I will personally leave your health status unstable. 

16. "Yeslam dayyetak"

From "Thank you" to "Deliver your religion." 

Okay, but how?  

17. "3am tehkeh jadd"