Here's a look at the list of hashtags Disney has listed for its new female empowerment campaign "Dream Big, Princess"

Notice the disjointed Arabic letters at the bottom right?

Yup ... it looks like Disney has fallen into the Arabic translation trap

As part of its recently-launched photography campaign "Dream Big, Princess," Disney is encouraging people from around the world to post pictures celebrating strong female role models under the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess. 

Hoping to diversify the initiative and gather contributions from across the globe, the campaign's official website included a list of hashtags translated into several different languages ... and we can't help but notice a less-than-stellar Arabic translation.

The internationally renowned mass media company committed a huge language crime while translating the hashtag into Arabic, writing it with disjointed letters.

The Arabic hashtag reads أحلامك حقيقة يا أميرة ("Your dreams are real, princess,") except the letters are spaced out rather than connected.

The campaign was launched a week ago, but it seems as though Disney has not spotted its error yet.

Translation failures aside, here's what Disney's campaign is all about

The campaign, which is running from August until October, aims at shattering gender norms and encouraging girls to dream big. 

To do this, Disney has collaborated with female photographers from 15 different countries to take photos capturing inspiring female role models. A Jordanian photographer, Banan Alawneh, is also participating in the campaign. 

Disney has asked social media users to share their own photos within the same theme under the hashtag.

The inspiring images will be shared on social media to help raise funds for Girl Up, a United Nations Foundations program promoting leadership and empowerment among adolescent girls.

This is definitely not the first time English-to-Arabic translation attempts fail miserably

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Disjointed Arabic letters are all over the media

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Some fails have a more permanent effect than others