Going to school in Amman in the 90’s and early 2000’s was much simpler than these days. 

No effort was put into morning makeup sessions, Instagram "Good Morning" posts, or endless scrolling on social media. It was as easy as putting on a uniform and heading out to school.

These things defined our school days to the core, and we wouldn’t have it any other way:

1. JanSport backpacks

Every student in any Jordanian school had to have this backpack. They came in all sizes, colors, and patterns, which you'd match with your personality. 

It’s basically like a rite of passage; have a JanSport bag and you’ll fit in.

2. Caterpillar shoes

If you went to Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS), you know wearing black Cat shoes was a given and part of the uniform. 

It didn’t matter if your feet hurt or you didn't like the style, you simply had to wear them. Later on came the acceptance of other black shoes, either Vans or Converse.

3. Uniforms

Each school had its own uniform; similar shape and placement of stripes, but different colors. That’s how you identified who was in which school. 

Striped shirts, trousers, ties, sweaters, and Caterpillar shoes were the given uniform... and Nemr Uniform was the place to get them from.

4. Lay's

You know this was our go-to snack after lunchtime or during the break. The most popular flavor was the bright green one: Salt and vinegar. 

Our snacks revolved around Lay's and their simple flavors. If you didn’t have a bag, your friend probably had one. Everyone was crunching on those crisps!

5. Baladna Milk

Source: Baladna

Back in the day, when low fat and skimmed milk weren’t a thing, Baladna was what all kids used to drink. 

Back at school, as we ate breakfast or lunch, a Baladna milkshake was to be accompanying our meal. It came in three flavors: Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry, and it complimented whatever we were eating.

6. Karolina Juice Boxes

Source: Baladna

Another beverage that was available at our schools was Karolina Juice. 

If you weren’t a fan of milk, this juice was all over Jordanian schools, with its "red mix" flavor being the best seller.

7. Staedtler pencils

Source: TTS Group

The one and only brand of pencils to find in every student’s pencil case. That was way before we were allowed to write notes using pens. 

8. Pencil cases

Source: Pinterest

Pencil cases came in different colors and patterns, and in all shapes and sizes. The bigger it was, the more organized the pencil case.

9. The bookshops

Prepping for the first day of school was always associated with visits to Jabal Tarek Bookshop or Wadi Saqra Bookshop. They had every supply ever needed at school.