In many Arab social circles, it is extremely odd and almost unacceptable for a woman to admit that she has - or ever will - use an online dating app to meet people.

It isn't uncommon to get on Tinder and find half of your schoolmates there, but apart from that, in general, Arab women don't necessarily like the idea of such apps... especially with the judgments that may follow.

Here are just a few of the countless reasons why some Arab women might hesitate to use Tinder:

1. They are afraid to appear desperate

Using dating apps shouldn't be a sign of desperation. Many women just want to make friends outside of their current social circle or aren't fans of the traditional arranged marriages.

2. Or get recognized by their peers

Arabs have an unhealthy obsession with reputation, and nothing travels faster and stronger than the word of mouth. Therefore, women are always afraid of getting recognized by someone they know.

3. They think all guys on Tinder are creeps

"Why get on Tinder if you're afraid of men?" some might ask. 

Well, the answer is very simple; because we're allowed to have fun and meet new people without being creeped out of our minds... or stalked on all social media platforms...

4. Well, are they to blame? Most men they match with are looking for hookups

Some guys on Tinder either indirectly show girls they're not interested in anything serious or are brutally honest with their intentions of having a one-night stand.

5. Or have the weirdest bios

It’s like some of them purposefully want to be single forever...

6. And if you think a photo of yourself isn't necessary... know it is

This definitely works both ways as a lot of people tend to not post photos of themselves on dating apps.

What if you're 90-years-old or a raccoon with a cell phone? Physical attraction on such apps is key!

7. They try to avoid deception

With no photos and a weird bio, it would be a gift from Tinder to have a "hell no" option.

8. In conclusion: Arab women like to wait for a romantic story

"A guy on Tinder sent me a message which said 'don't you feel like immigrating, Mariam?' and that was the most seductive pickup line."