How many times have you insulted someone by telling them (or someone else) "damo t2eel"

It usually hits you when non-Arabic speakers ask you to explain what such a description means ... and that is when your built-in translator fails you. 

You then realize that translations just don't do Arabic phrases justice. On the contrary, it murders their true essence. 

1. "Eat air" is attempting to be an insult wrapped in a joke?

2. "Bmoot feek" ... is not as romantic as we thought

3. "Inta mahdoum" is more of a turn off, really

4. "Adesh el se3a?"

5. "3am yeshrab cigara"

6. "Ma ta3ti wej"

7. On being struck with diarrhea

8. When someone is trying to take advantage of you...

9. "Ta3e nrooh kazdoura nshem el hawa"


Person A: *Sahtein*

Person B: *On your heart*

11. "This is the minus" ... minus everything that makes sense

12. "Your onion is burnt" ... and no, we don't mean actual onions

13. Sahtein?

14. "Ana jo3ane, 7sebe 7sebbe" is a bit too complicated for hungry humans

15. "Fetna bl heit" with these translation fails