Unless you've miraculously managed to stir clear of the technology wave, your smartphone should pretty much be your best friend, especially if you're Arab.

However, with your busy (virtual) social life and ever-growing family tree, you probably always seem to run out of internet data and calling minutes. 

Therefore, you constantly find yourself on the lookout for the latest offers and the most convenient installments plans. It's safe to say such offers were made for Arab families, here's why: 

1. Mama's "Waynkon?" texts need an installment plan of their own...

You don't dare put your phone away to "seize the moment" when you have an Arab mom who can't help but check up on you multiple times and expect you to respond within seconds. 

So, you need an installment plan to cover the data consumed by these endless texts and calls.

2. And so do her gossip sessions

She spends hours - and hundreds of megabytes - spilling the tea on the latest updates concerning her family and friends.

3. Feeding your social media obsession any time, any place

From killing time at boring family gatherings, to keeping up with people's life updates on Instagram, to taking part in the regular Twitter debates, there's no such thing as "too many gigabytes" when it comes to getting your social media fix.

4. Streaming your favorite 'musalsalat'

Life goals: Streaming your favorite series without having to struggle with slow WiFi, while using the "Best Phone for Binging YouTube On" (aka the Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

5. Staying in touch with all your relatives abroad

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With many of your friends and relatives scattered across the globe, an installment plan is your go-to option for an endless supply of internet data, especially if you're a fan of video-calls

6. Surviving your mom's errands that never take "just five minutes"

"Wait here mama, I'm going to pick something up real quick," she says... then leaves you hanging for 45 minutes. 

Thankfully, with the ideal installment plan, you would have enough data to kill time by browsing social media.

7. Downloading WhatsApp media ft. the "Saba7 Alkhair" greetings

With the right installment plan, you would never worry about running out of data while downloading the memes, photos and funny videos being regularly sent to the different WhatsApp groups you're part of. 

That is, of course, if you have a phone with enough storage space

8. Ordering food and taking all the time you need to explain your order in details

More gigabytes and calling minutes = More data to spend on food delivery. Need we say more?

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