Growing into an adult and drifting away from your parents can be a bumpy ride, but technology often steps in to save the day.

Whether you live abroad or simply don't spend as much time with your parents as you would like to, you probably resort to video calls to stay in touch with them and keep them involved in the various aspects of your life.

In addition, video calls sometimes come in handy when you least expect them to. Here are 8 things you have probably tried to do via video call with your Arab parents:

1. Learning from the real Masterchef AKA mama

Forget about YouTube tutorials, your mom is your go-to reference whenever you attempt to cook something, especially when it comes to Arab cuisine. 

Voice calls and voice notes simply won't do it, so you video call your mom to stay on the safe side... because how else would you know the difference between kizbara (coriander) and baqdoones (parsley)?

2. Grocery shopping for your mom is a slippery slope

Nothing screams picky like an Arab mom's grocery preferences, but when she asks you to buy products for her, she doesn't always do the best job at explaining exactly what she wants.

The result? You end up video calling her a couple of times to make sure you get things right, or else you risk getting her famous bahdala (scolding).

3. Proving that you're really where you said you would be

Kids with strict parents, you probably know this all too well! 

At times when you are not on the best terms with your parents, you probably find them video calling you to make sure you are not lying about where you are and who you are with.

4. Studying like a true golden child

Need a lift-me-up while studying? Video call your parents and they will undoubtedly give you the push you need to carry on.

5. Asking for their opinion on your look

You can count on your parents to give their sincere opinions on your outfits and your looks in general, so brace yourself for some cold and shameless honesty.

6. Getting a second opinion while shopping

Shopping alone can be all sorts of confusing, so you often resort to video calling your parents to ask for their opinions.

7. GPS has got nothing on baba

Maneuvering the streets of the Arab world is nothing short of a challenge, but thankfully, your dad has your back. 

So, forget about GPS, you are one video call with baba away from your destination.

8. Guiding them through their tech struggles

Arab parents are masters at almost everything, but when it comes to technology, their struggle is real. 

Luckily, they have you to guide them through it via video call, even if you are halfway across the globe.

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