The Arab music video scene features a little bit of everything, the good, the bad and, of course, the cringe-worthy. 

With the latter, we mean clips that are meant to be serious but are so bad they'll leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. 

Don't believe they exist? 

Here's proof: 

1. The Sudanese music video that left everyone speechless

The chorus, adult-baby crying, and lyrics = imminent meltdown.

2. The work of "art" that saw Mohamed Ramadan call himself a king

Cubs in pools, a self-proclaimed king, and a verse that goes: "Hela hela hoba." Need we say more? 

3. The Lebanese music video cover of "Despacito"

Except this one was set in a fish market. Don't ask why... no one can explain that.  

4. The Moroccan music video that's funny because it's serious

Cringe-worthiness defined. 

5. The pool choreography video that left us all speechless

If you thought listening to Amer Zayan's "Shu Hal Jassad" was bad, watch the song's music video

6. The "seductive" clip that went all wrong

So bad it got the singer arrested in Egypt.

7. The music video titled "Yal Bortoqala"

 It literally translates into "You Orange." Let's leave it at that. 

8. The clip that saw Abdallah bil Khair ruin the Macarena for life

Unfortunately, you can't unsee this. 

9. And the one that saw him create a new language

If you can figure out what he's saying, you win.

10. The Marilyn Monroe pop up video that makes no sense

Wait for it, watch her pop up... cringe.