There are different ways for one to discover themselves on a personal level; some closely follow their horoscope, others take online quizzes, and a few count on Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey. 

We offer you a simpler approach to unveiling your true, hidden personality ... drive on Lebanon's emotional triggering roads and find yourself. 

1. "Calm" and "whole" are in your name

You love wasting time in traffic and marvel on the symphony of honking surrounding you... especially between 4-7 pm.

What you're hiding from yourself and others though, is the fact that you're lying. You want to be an exception and have people envy you, but you're dying on the inside. 

2. You're a thin hair away from being jailed

The angry driver you are shows how transparent yet quick-tempered you can be. 

For 10 seconds straight, you lay your hand on the honk and curse the living hell you're stuck in. You'll also double-cross all cars and swear at the drivers, no matter their age, sex, or status.

3. You take the easy way out

Why drive normally when you can reverse on a highway and reach your destination faster - even if there's a slight risk of hurting yourself and others? 

You live for shortcuts and give no damns what the law says. 

4. You're a singer, aren't you?

Driving is not worth it, and you have discovered this unearthly truth the first time you sat behind the wheel. 

So to avoid all the distraction and nerve-racking chaos happening around you, the radio is constantly blasting loud music from your car. 

5. Being a goody two-shoes won't get you anywhere

You think not honking at night, always signaling before a turn, and letting everyone pass before you will make everyone's lives better.

But if driving in Lebanon is to teach you anything, is that being good gets you nowhere... and almost no one will return the favor. 

6. Stop being the nervous driver

As long as you make your friends wear the seatbelt while they sit in the back, turn off the radio, and drive under 60 km/h, you'll soon drive no one but yourself. 

You'll live longer, yes, but you'll live in fear your whole life.

7. F*ck cars, you're hailing a service

At this point, you have seen it all and have come to the smartest conclusion one can reach... you don’t want to drive. Your car is up for sale on OLX and you enjoy the endless stories taxi drivers share with you every day

Though service drivers aren't any better and are another form of Lebanese driving trauma, at least you know finding a parking is none of your worries anymore.