If you've come across any official or unofficial Israeli accounts on social media, you're bound to have noticed they've become pretty serious about rebranding their image, tempting the world to view them as a peaceful, democratic state.

In recent years, the occupying force has turned to online platforms, launching Arabic Twitter pages and trying to culturally infiltrate Arab nations. 

Given that to the majority of people in the region, the state is considered an enemy that continues to expand illegal settlements on Palestinian land, their cringeworthy attempts aren't working and are quite desperate. 

Don't believe us? Here's proof: 

1. When Israelis advertised a sneaker inspired by... hummus

Desperation level: Israel. 

2. When Israel's head of digital diplomacy pried on an Egyptian comedian's Twitter Q&A session

Yonatan Gonen, the head of "digital diplomacy" at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, joined in on a Twitter Q&A session launched by Egyptian comedian and actor, Mohamed Henedy, telling the star he has a huge Israeli fan base.

"I liked the hashtag #ASKHenedy, which was launched by the Egyptian star's fans. On this occasion, I'd like to join in and ask him: Are you planning a sequel to your film 'Sa3eedi in the American University?' Do you know that you have a huge fan base in Israel?" he wrote in his tweet. 

Of course his tweet was brilliantly shut down by the actor, who made headlines for his response. 

3. When Israel's U.S. embassy offered Chrissy Teigen Palestinian ingredients

Prying on anything Arab/Palestine related on social media seems to be a major goal for Israeli accounts, who always respond to anyone who posts about the region. 

When Chrissy Teigen tweeted about how difficult it was to find Middle Eastern cooking ingredients in the U.S., Israel's embassy in the states  chimed in, offering to help her source ingredients.  

4. When Israel imagined Arab reactions to Israeli-Indian relations

The occupying state was super excited about the warm welcome its officials received in India... to say the least. 

In a tweet posted on Israel's official Arabic Twitter account, a caricature falsely claimed that Arabs were looking forward to accept Israel just as India had.

In the post, two Arab men were quoted as saying: "Israel is being embraced everywhere, it's our turn next." 

5. When the occupying state's officials tried to promote peace with Israel like this...

In a post uploaded on their Arabic Twitter page, Israel's Foreign Ministry depicted Arab countries who refuse to cease their boycott of it as stubborn mules.

The cartoon post was meant to invite Arab countries to cease their boycott of the occupying state and leave the "middle ages" to join a more "modern world." 

However, the offensive, attention-seeking invitation certainly backfired as Arab tweeps were having none of it. 

6. When this Israeli page stated Arabs dream of visiting "Israel"

In a post uploaded on government-run page "Israel Speaks Arabic," Israeli officials claimed the results of a Twitter poll on "Arabs' willingness to visit Israel" proved that visiting the occupying state has become a dream for most Arabs.  

At the time, the post saw thousands of Arabs denounce the results

7. When this account promoted "shakshouka" as an Israeli creation

Yep, another failed attempt. 

8. When this unofficial page claimed Palestine never existed

Dream on.