These sexist banners have taken over the streets of Egypt

Banner reads: "Man up and don’t let your daughters wear tight clothes” Source: Facebook/Mohamed Eldeep

Approximately 99 percent of women in Egypt have experienced some form of sexual harassment, but somehow, the blame continues to fall on the victims and their attire. 

A campaign in Egypt titled "Estargel," which translates to "Man up," is reinforcing the concept of victim-blaming with banners and posters that call upon men to police women's clothing. 

Photos of the banners, which have been spotted in several neighborhoods across the country, are circulating on social media, sparking an online debate. 

"Man up... And don't allow your girls to wear tight clothes," one of the banners reads, implying that men should stop women and girls in their families from wearing tight or revealing clothing. 

Another one, spotted in Al-Mansooreyya village in the Governorate of Giza, adds, "The filthy does not enter heaven."

According to Egyptian Streets, the banners and posters have been found in Cairo and across other governorates as well.

The campaign has caused an uproar on social media, with many opponents calling it out for reinforcing male-entitlement and victim-blaming:

How about a "Woman up" campaign?

"Fed up of men using Islam to justify their own shortcomings"

Lower your gaze, instead

It's high time men control their urges

Because the problem definitely does not lie in what women wear

Don't you have something else to worry about?

Meanwhile, others agreed with the campaign

"I swear the person behind the idea is a real boss. I hope other governorates follow suit."