Arab weddings are in a league of their own, there's no denying that. They are the definition of "lit" and we wouldn't have it any other way.

However, they come with a number of struggles that guests are bound to experience, especially if they are female. 

Here are seven things every Arab woman will relate to this wedding season:

1. You need a loan to afford prepping for a wedding

It's a constant struggle between the desire to look good and the need to afford to exist until the next paycheck.

From buying a dress, paying for the increasingly expensive hair and makeup appointments, to getting a gift, weddings can be bank-breakers for female guests, who have to deal with several weddings and engagements every summer.

2. Dress shopping is an extreme sport

Finding the perfect dress is a real battle, especially if you wear the hijab or simply do not like revealing attires.

3. "Simplicity" is a foreign concept at Arab beauty salons

Unless you're a fan of looking "extra" - which many Arab women can actually pull off - then you have probably struggled with Arab beauty salons.

Arab beauticians tend to go above and beyond, often disregarding your incessant requests for a simple look.

4. Prepare for a full-on interrogation about your private life

If you are single, you will be bombarded with questions about why you still haven't found a partner... until you start feeling like a 3anes (spinster).

The struggle isn't any easier for women who are in relationships. 

If you are engaged, you will be asked why you haven't tied the knot already. If you are married, you will be asked when you will reproduce, and the cycle goes on...

5. "3a2balek" comes pouring in if you're single

Your hard work and achievements seem to be irrelevant, since all anyone pays attention to is your relationship status. 

And since Arabs are all about creativity, they say it in different variations, such as "Nefrah mennek" (May we be happy for you) and "3a2bel ma nshoufik 3aroos" (May we see you as a bride).

6. You feel pressured to dance, whether or not you're comfortable doing it

Hosts seem to take offense if you remain seated at a wedding, pressuring you into dancing even if it is way out of your comfort zone.

7. You feel judged and objectified the entire night

Some guests tend to judge every aspect of your looks and actions, from how short your dress is to the way you're dancing.

You constantly feel like you are being examined under a microscope, thanks to judgmental aunties, who will spare no breath in gossiping about your look, as well as bride-seeking men and their mothers.