All the single ladies, all the single ladies... and gentlemen, this one's for you!

Being single is usually a tricky situation: Some days you feel grateful for the peace of mind and unconstrained lifestyle, while at other times, you feel desperate to find that special someone.

The remedy for the latter kind could be going out, surrounding yourself with friends and family, practicing a hobby ... or simply laughing at funny memes that remind you that you're definitely not alone.

Here are 12 hilarious Arab posts you will totally relate to if you're single:

1. Romantic clichés simply aren't your thing

"204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 7 billion humans, yet I'm still single."

2. Desperate times call for desperate measures

"During winter: People in relationships 

Me: ..."

3. You can probably blame your attitude for your single status

"Guys, I feel lonely. 

*Someone who said hi to me*"

4. "I'm single but I ignore anyone as if I'm in a relationship"

5. "Okra found its other half, yet you're still single, my friend"

6. Somber realizations always ruin your day

"How come kids born in 2000 are already going to college, yet I'm still single?"

7. Attending a wedding is a whole other level of miserable

"When I attend a wedding while I'm single."

8. You can't stand hearing '3a2balek/3a2balak' anymore

9. Food is your only bae

"I see in food what Qais sees in Layla."

10. Your call-log looks something like this

"When you're single."

11. Your nighttime rituals in a nutshell:

"You're single, sleeping on your side, holding your phone, and no one is paying you any attention, right?"

12. But there's no denying that it's a bittersweet feeling

"When you're single and you go to sleep without having to worry about someone cheating on you."