From the fanatical dancing to the awkward conversations with women telling you "you're next," Arab weddings are just lit, as they say.

1. Let the "3a2belik season" begin

2. The countless "inti bent meen?" questions

3. Arab wedding or bride market?

4. The number of guests attending the wedding can make up a village

5. "Soda in a wine glass" is essential

6. Who said you need to be a member of a royal family to have a #RoyalWedding?

7. Arab weddings' motto: "For The Love Of Food"

8. I need a 'One Dance' ... with an Arab mother

9. Don't underestimate grandmothers' dancing skills

10. Because YOU are the only one who needs an invitation to the dance floor

11. "I'm shy" lasts for about 5 seconds

12. You just can't resist those dabke masters

13. *When the guys start doing dabke at Arab weddings*

14. Extremely loud, and incredibly annoying music

15. It's not a wedding without those ululations

16. That not everybody understands

17. You can never leave the wedding before 2 A.M.

18. Awkward moments involve food and cameras

19. The "unofficial" bling bling competition

20. Shawarma cake = everything

21. WARNING: Center pieces are not party favors

22. MASHALLAH must be said ... at all times