In a country where a large number of people are trilingual, slangs and expressions develop faster than your mom can brew Turkish coffee in the early morning.

Lebanese lingo is the child of both English and French, with a touch only the people of Lebanon have mastered.

Here are 10 of the most locally used words that only Lebanese understand:

1. Shower - Douche = Etdawash

Example: “Bhal shob betdawash chi marten bel nhar.”

Translation: “With such heat, I could shower twice a day.”

2. Blow dryer - Séchoir = Sachwer

Example: “3am faker sachwer sha3re lyom.”

Translation: “I’m considering blow-drying my hair today.”

3. Freezing = Mfarez

Example: “Kteer mfarze.”

Translation: “I’m freezing.

4. Depressed = Mdapress

Example: “Shu fi? Leh mdapress?”

Translation: “What’s wrong? Why are you depressed?

5. Check = Chayyik

Example: “Lahza khaleene chayyik hal mahal.”

Translation: “Wait, let me check this place out.”

6. Cancelled = Tkansal

Example: Tkansal el mashrou3.”

Translation: “The plan was cancelled.

7. Charging = Charrej

Example: “3m tcharje telephonic?”

Translation: “Are you charging your phone?”

8. Google it = Gawgel

Example: “El estez ale gawgel el material.”

Translation: “My teacher told me to google the material.”

9. Save it = Sayvo

Example: “Ha sayev ra2mo.”

Translation: “I’m going to save his number.”

10. Hyper = Mhaypra

Example: “Ana kteer mhaypra lyom.”

Translation: “I’m very hyper today.”