Saudi Arabia has more to it than people see. 

As tourist visas are on their way to the kingdom, with category D travel agencies reportedly able to issue them, more people will now get to explore the country.   

Here are a few activity ideas for locals, expats, and soon enough, tourists: 

1. Sunset Beach Resort

Source: Saudi Tour

Sunset Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful and diverse beaches one could see in the Arab region. 

Located in Al Khobar, the resort offers a wide variety of activities, such as spas, water parks, and water sports center.   

2. Women’s only fashion exhibition

Source: Sayidy

Many fashion exhibitions and beauty fairs take place around the kingdom, a perfect opportunity to follow up on the latest trends. 

3. Renting beach buggies in Al Aziziyah

Source: Trip Advisor

The best time to ride beach buggies would be December till mid-February, as the weather would be the coolest during that time of the year. 

Rent a few and go on an expedition with some friends. 

4. Climbing sand dunes

Source: LinkedIn

You can climb the pure golden, wind-blown sand along with your friends, then roll down the dunes for a picnic and some refreshments.

5. Visit Scitech

Source: Holdinn

Scitech is a state of the art science center located near corniche Al Khobar with over 350 exhibits.

Many scientific theories are implemented in form of simple experiments that engage visitors along with a variety of interactive documentaries.

6. Lunch dates

Source: Saudia10

In Saudi Arabia, there is a wide variety of local and international restaurants as well as fast food courts to suit all tastes. 

Perhaps one of the most well-known local Saudi restaurants is Al-Baik, which started out in the mid-70s in Jeddah, and has now spread to 64 branches across the kingdom.