While most people dream of retiring in their 60's, one 64-year-old Saudi man had completely different retirement plans.  

Abdulsalam Al Abdullah retired from his job at Saudi oil company Aramco in 2013 and decided that he wanted to spend his retirement years working towards achieving a life long dream: graduating high school. 

Last year, the father of eight enrolled in a local school and is now well on his way to realize his dream.

In an interview on iEN TV, Al Abdullah said one of his daughters now studies at the same level as him.

"Even though my older children, who are at university level, often offer to help with my school work, I always prefer to study with my teenage daughter. She teaches me so much every single day," he said. 

When the show's presenter asked the high school student if he's embarrassed that he now studies in the same class as his young daughter, he responded saying: 

"Not at all, it's wrong to hold on to such a rhetoric. My children are my support system and they've constantly cheered me on." 

After he graduates high school, Al Abdullah hopes he'll go on to earn a university degree in Journalism. 

The story is now going viral

People just can't even

"Mashallah, may God bless him. I hope he realizes all his dreams."

"Ya zeinahhh"

"His pride when he talks about his daughters"

"Mashallah... he's an incredible father"

"Good luck"

"Education knows no age"